Climbing Trees & Avanti Travel Insurance – Flying Onto Page 1 Rankings

Climbing Trees

Client: Avanti Travel Insurance

With a shift in target audience, Avanti Travel Insurance needed to gain and retain page 1 rankings by the end of an 18-month SEO campaign increase the brand’s organic visibility and remain competitive.

Creating a campaign designed to attract links from the NHS was a hugely ambitious idea that worked. Just 12 weeks after implementation began, Avanti became – and continues to be – by far the smallest brand to continuously rank on page 1 for two incredibly competitive search terms. ‘Travel insurance’ search term traffic levels had an unbelievably massive 8,126% uplift. And by increasing share of voice nearly 4%, overall traffic across all tracked keywords jumped 1,700%, while conversions increased by 1,690%. This campaign is testament that page 1 organic SEO rankings don’t need to be limited to the giants of any particular industry. With ‘travel insurance’ and ‘holiday insurance’ averaging around 600,000 monthly searches, even a small percentage of that is a massive step change in terms of business performance capacities for a small brand like Avanti. Our competitor and audience analyses revealed what route we needed to take, we stuck to it despite the risks and challenges along the way – and it succeeded.