BrightBid: AI engine driving 20%+ conversion lifts in Google Search



B2B marketing has been especially difficult over the past two years with the pandemic torpedoing some of the most effective lead generating channels: F2F events shut down and Work From Home impacted the effectiveness of direct mail. The compensatory rush to digital channels has driven CPM and CPC inflation to all time highs across most B2B verticals with continued month on month hikes in Google Search causing a drop in lead volumes and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). launched in September 2020 to help underserved B2B marketing teams beat the competition with Google. This B2B SaaS solution works alongside the Google Ads account using AI to analyse millions of data points to identify the most profitable audience segments at the right time. On average BrightBid delivers 20% increases in conversions to its customers whilst also lowering CPC’s. This has led to BrightBid growing at over 400% a year with 17% MoM Monthly Recurring Revenue growth, placing the company in the top 5% of fastest growing SaaS businesses globally.