RBC Brewin Dolphin: Generating more leads through innovation and testing

Walk-In Media

Client: RBC Brewin Dolphin

RBC Brewin Dolphin is a UK wealth manager with a 250-year heritage and audience of people with £300k+ investable assets. This audience is largely AB 45+ with most located in London / SE England with pockets of wealth Nationally. Whilst we spend a focus on brand building, there are key sales pipelines with Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) targets.

These MQLs are heavily vetted involving criteria around minimum investment levels & goals, and ensuring that RBC Brewin is the best wealth manager (WM) for them. The wealth management sector has experienced challenging conditions over the last few years, and historically where these MQLs were delivered via search (both organic and paid) this was no longer delivering. We reviewed their long-standing strategy for growth to find new sources to deliver. Brewin’s marketing team had little confidence in pre-existing audience data that existed in the market, so we had to tackle this challenge up-front and help develop a better understanding of data sources. We addressed this by radically altering our approach to targeting, moving away from predefined 1st party lists to bespoke custom builds around audience profiles and interests as well as utilising 3rd party data sets. Using a test and learn matrix, we tested this, alongside new versions of copy & monitored uplift from a volume perspective, but also from a platform lead to MQL perspective to denote the quality of the lead. This resulted in significant uplift in performance, seeing a 143%+ uplift in MQLs delivered at a 38% reduced spend.