Aleksei Badianov

Principal Product Manager , Motorway

Aleksei is a proven Product Management professional with over 10 years of experience in personal development and growth, spanning both dynamic hi-tech startups and established corporate organisations, including market leaders like Amazon and Motorway.  He is deeply passionate about bridging the gap between performance marketing and product management, ensuring that the products he develops closely align with customer needs and market expectations. Aleksei has a rich background in facilitating close collaboration between Product, Marketing, and Sales teams, acting as the organisational glue that fosters synergy in product innovation and business growth.  At Motorway, Aleksei plays a leading role in developing Dispatch, a Transport Job Management system that enhances the speed of vehicle delivery from private sellers to buying dealers. His work emphasises optimisation, visibility, and efficiency, significantly improving the delivery process.  In his role at Amazon, Aleksei led developing Power Features for online sellers, enhancing their ability to sell products across multiple marketplaces and e-commerce websites. His innovative approach to product management has contributed to the success and growth of Amazon's platform for sellers worldwide.  Previously, at Maxoptra, Aleksei was responsible in driving the SaaS product's growth across 12 countries, focusing on both inbound and outbound sales strategies. He led the research and development of an innovative cloud-based routing and scheduling platform. His efforts in establishing a successful network of reselling and referring partners led to phenomenal continuous revenue growth. Aleksei's leadership in partner acquisition, onboarding, training, and support processes built strong, enduring relationships with key stakeholders, underpinning the company's expansive growth.  Aleksei's rich career is a testament to his versatility, innovation, and dedication to excellence in product management. His strategic vision and collaborative approach continue to make a significant impact on the companies he serves and the broader industry.