VEVE drove new customer acquisition and generated incremental revenue for Tesco, delivering a ROAS of 45X


Client: Tesco

Tesco, a prominent multinational retailer in the UK, experienced a significant surge in online sales during the pandemic, underlining the need to increase its e-commerce penetration in the market. In pursuit of this objective, Tesco partnered with VEVE, a renowned performance marketing platform, to generate incremental revenue for new categories and drive new customer acquisitions.

Built on the pillars of transparency and incrementality, VEVE provides seamless integration into unique placements across OEMs, Browsers, App Stores and popular apps beyond the traditional channels of search and social media. From its array of on-device ad formats, VEVE utilised Tiles and Impact to fulfil mid and bottom-funnel marketing goals. Placing Tesco Tiles on browsers and search engines nudged users to click and buy products, while Impact ads created additional visibility for products and offers.

Leveraging VEVE's strategic partnerships with publishers like Samsung Internet Browser,, Xiaomi Browser and more, Tesco reached 20mn MAUs in the UK, fortifying its position in the market. Potential customers were seamlessly directed to Tesco's website, enabling them to discover the best deals and offers.