Winning the UK’s Race for Freedom


Client: ASICS

“People will only be allowed to leave their home for the following very limited purposes… one form of exercise a day” (Boris Johnson, 23/03/2020)

Cue the biggest surge in running the UK has ever seen. Over the next two months we would become the world’s most active nation (Strava), with Sports Direct reporting +218% running shoe sales. With a surge of new runners entering the market a bold challenge was set –how do we win a disproportionate share of these new runners? In a matter of days ASICS had to adapt to the ‘new normal’, shifting a predominately in-store experience online. ASICS created their own digital shoe expert – The Shoe Finder – which emulates the in-store experience by asking a series of targeted questions, through which we can identify the perfect running shoe for each individual. As well as growing market share, we aimed to deliver over 8,000 shoe finder starts across paid social in the UK. A shoe finder start was defined as someone clicking the ‘start’ button on the ASICS Shoe Finder tool on the website.