Winning Peak with Profit Data


Client: Virgin Experience Days

For over 15 years, iCrossing and Virgin Experience Days have forged an unwavering alliance, enabling us to harness highly sensitive business data to drive substantial growth year after year. In 2022 Virgin Experience Days asked iCrossing to devise a strategic initiative to improve the profitability of their paid search channels, with a focus on increasing PPC ROAS, revenue, and overall profitability.


By merging VED's profit and purchase data within Google Analytics, we gained transparency and a better understanding of the contribution of each channel. Through custom dashboards and correlation analysis between PPC ROAS and margin contribution, we identified profitable ROAS ranges and developed an automated near real-time report for smarter campaign optimisations. As a result, we drove profitable growth for VED, reducing paid search spend by -16% whilst improving PPC ROAS by 25% YOY.