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Open Partners

Client: Greene King

Moving away from the traditional agency/client model to allow Open Partners to become quite literally a part of Greene King’s performance marketing team

Our ethos at Open is all about partnerships with our clients, and so we wanted to develop our growing relationship with Greene King into a really close partnership that not only enabled better communication and collaboration, but also better performance and results across everything we did together. By aligning clearly on appropriate ways of working, and integrating into each other’s communication tools such as Slack, Greene King and Open Partners were able to create a “whole team” approach which enabled an extremely agile way of working, allowing for reactive optimisations, changes and entire campaigns and to be suggested, planned, created and executed in extremely tight timeframes. Pushing the working relationship closer towards that of colleagues than an old fashioned agency/client set up has led to exceptional results, including a triple figure percentage profit growth across our core campaign alongside a much smaller increase in spend.