Starcom & Samsung: Winning at Mother’s Night

Performics @ Starcom

Client: Samsung

Flowers, chocolate, and perfume are very common Mother’s Day gifts, especially when compared to Tech. So, how could Samsung cut through the gifting norms for Mother’s Day and drive sales of their high-end tech products in this competitive gifting moment? Through data science and social signals to build hyper relevant and localised audiences, of course.

We aimed to overcome the challenge by partnering with Mediaocean/Scope to use their data science to build highly relevant social audiences powered by their proprietary Social Lift technology, helping us reach our gift buyers through this highly competitive time. The overall success of the campaign was largely driven by our audience strategy with Mediaocean/Scope which generated an average ROAs of 24 and resulted in smashing local market benchmarks and having Samsung top of mind when it came to Mother’s Day gifting. It also opened opportunities for more globally run conversion campaigns.