Rakuten Advertising & L’OCCITANE: Accelerating Growth

Rakuten Advertising


In 2021, L’OCCITANE, a global leader in the premium beauty market, upgraded to Rakuten Advertising’s Accelerate service level. After seeing phenomenal online growth due to the pandemic in 2020, L’OCCITANE wanted to keep sales momentum in 2021 and focus on maximising its performance from affiliate marketing. L’OCCITANE wanted to achieve a 127% increase in sales against Q4 vs 2019 to equal 2020 performance whilst increasing profitability and spend efficiency.

The new Accelerate service level allowed L’OCCITANE to do just that. Rakuten Advertising took over all aspects of programme management and decision making, with a focus on recruiting and optimising publishers throughout the conversion funnel, working to a fixed cost of sale. This ensures efficient and profitable returns and quicker decision-making. This focus means that every conversion strategy was leveraged including card-linking offers and O2O. It freed up resources for L’OCCITANE to focus on its strategic initiatives. Through the new hybrid Accelerate model, L’OCCITANE was able to drive increased performance, but also increase the efficiency of its programme by freeing up resources for its team. All growth targets were exceeded with an impressive 203% increase in Q4 sales since 2019 and the brand has seen an increase in average order value with a drop in spend due to the budget being used more efficiently.