MYPRO, Dedicated to the Dedicated

The Hut Group

Client: Myprotein / MYPRO

Myprotein, a global sports nutrition company, owned by THG, existing to support customers to reach their personal fitness goals. The brand showcases an incredible range of products and sub-brands such as MyPRO and partners with established athletes & fitness personalities from around the world.

Myprotein launched two limited-edition products from the MyPRO range: The Preworkout and The All in One (Whey Protein) to align the brand with Eddie Hall, the former World’s Strongest Man and long-term partner of Myprotein. The partnership was designed to in introduce MyPRO to Eddie’s followers and others who see him as a representation of the dedicated exerciser. The campaign was executed across all marketing efforts for close to two weeks, delivering over £276K of Gross Revenue globally and generating over 3,000 New Customers.