Making Marketing Sustainable

HH Global

Client: Applicable to all HH Global clients

HH Global is the leader in global, tech-enabled creative production and procurement, providing services to clients like Google and Coca Cola across 69 countries. Operating between a global client base and 14,000 suppliers worldwide, we are in a unique position to play a significant role in driving more sustainable marketing solutions.

Leveraging our supply chain advantages, we have developed the world’s largest marketing materials dataset which enables us to produce Sustainability Assessments for brands. Brands can benchmark their marketing activity against industry peers and sustainability leaders, covering every stage of the product lifecycle and reviewing environmental and social practices across the supply chain. Our first-to-market sustainability calculator uses technology and live data feeds to provide advanced intelligence to help brands make more informed sustainability decisions. As more data is processed, our technology continually delivers a more refined output, enabling predictive CO2 impact modelling to deliver long-term client insight and benefit. This allows clients to compare campaign characteristics at planning stage to understand the associated CO2, aligning with Green House Gas (GHG) protocols and the latest and most globally recognised standards. Brands around the world are seeing the benefits of how our technology can help them reach and exceed their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets, leading to measurable change within our industry.