Laura Scott

Spark Foundry

Even in the midst of the pandemic, Google updates cannot be avoided!

When the Page Experience Update launched in 2021 it brought with it the need for new audits to be done for all of our clients. The technical nature of many of the metrics involved meant a steep learning curve for all members of the team, and the time needed to complete a single audit was around 1 week (35 hours). This project was born from the need to accelerate these new audits to reduce the amount of time needed to complete them, as they were putting additional strain on the team. Everyone was working so hard, but time always seemed against us, so it was important for us to make time savings wherever possible. Enter Automation! We decided we needed to find a way to automate the processes of gathering data and creating comprehensive client dashboards, so that the analysis of the data was the only thing we would need to spend time on. We achieved the goals we set out to, and have reduced the time per audit by 27 hours, which has saved over 400 hours for the team over the past 12 months alone. This has been a huge achievement for the team, and the output has been extremely well received by our clients who now benefit from fast turnaround times and clear, easy to follow recommendations to improve the performance of their websites, which have shown improvements in conversion rates for all digital channels