Jerkmate innovating marketing campaign


Client: Jerkmate

Since the beginning of the pandemic, research-supported data showed that people are both lonelier and more inclined to connect with someone virtually to explore their sexuality.

36% of young adults aged 18-24 say they’ve masturbated more since the implementation of social distancing. 19% of young adults say they’ve masturbated with someone virtually since the beginning of the pandemic. 47% also admitted to masturbating either “slightly more often” or “a lot more often” in Covid-19 times. Live cam platforms are more common than ever, yet advertising a more intimate and human experience without physical contact is challenging. We aimed to tackle this hurdle while also discussing long-distance intimate relationships across wider mainstream platforms. Advertising adult content to a mainstream audience also comes with strict rules and constraints, which adds to the challenge of breaking taboos surrounding the live cam industry. Working around the clock to ensure compliance was, therefore, a top priority in this campaign. Finally, the diversity aspect, both in terms of sexual orientation and sexual preferences, was one of the building blocks of our approach. It’s a sensitive but important topic and yet another challenge when implementing a mainstream strategy.