Incubeta for Lazy Oaf - How We Sold Out A New Collab Product within 24hrs of Launch


Client: Lazy Oaf

Launching a new collection in collaboration with another brand already comes with its own challenges, especially if the other brand is well known. When you are both targeting the same pool of users, how do you get customers to purchase from your website instead? Moreover, the current economic climate and rising living costs add to the complexity of the launch as people think twice before they shop any ‘nice-to-haves’ - this takes retail challenges to the brand new level.

With Lazy Oaf releasing new collections every few weeks we knew we had to go about driving sales the smart way. We created a pre-launch strategy aiming to drive users to a landing page with product teasers running for 2 weeks prior to the launch. Incorporating Meta Platforms, Social amplification strategies, First-party audiences and Feeds, both our pre and post-launch results were truly impressive. One of our newly released products sold out in just a few hours, with the launch day being the strongest revenue driver, however, performance remained strong throughout the campaign. Sales increased by 52% and revenue saw an uplift of 71% comparing data with the pre-launch period.