How VISA leveraged Ogury’s cookieless technology to engage users during the 2022 FIFA World Cup


Client: VISA

As the world's leading online payment system, VISA has been facilitating transactions between consumers, retailers, financial institutions and government entities in more than 200 countries and territories since 1958. A sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, VISA called on long-time AdTech partner Ogury to deliver a campaign that would democratize mobile payments during this momentous event.

Thanks to Ogury’s Personified Advertising technology, which delivers targeting based on personas and the destinations where they consume content instead of the individual users themselves, VISA was able to engage its audience at scale on the websites and apps it consumes the most. This audience was made out of 3 personas: football addicts, sports fans and sports bettors. To reach them, Ogury qualified the audience of several dozen sites and apps, compiling a list of platforms that were over-consumed by these personas and engaging them with VISA’s messaging, without collecting personal data. Throughout the campaign, Ogury used two of its flagship proprietary formats to deliver the brand’s video ads, giving users back control over their interactions with them: Thumbnail Ad and Header Ad. These formats helped the brand take a much less intrusive approach than traditional formats - which interrupt content viewing. VISA’s campaign results exceeded market standards by far, and are a true testament to the effectiveness of Ogury’s innovative approach to digital advertising.