How Partnerize's API-First Approach Increases Productivity & Operating Leverage for Visualsoft


Client: Visualsoft

Thousands of retailers work with Visualsoft to grow their online businesses, whether this is through our ecommerce solution or digital marketing teams. Part of our approach includes leveraging the full breadth of potential offered by the Affiliate vertical. They’ve explored a huge portion of the software potential in the space, particularly in delivering a tracking, payments and reporting solution for their clients. After nearly 12 years working with a host of solutions they’ve garnered a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Choosing a dedicated partner for the future was a huge challenge given their list of requirements, they needed technical flexibility and range of clients. They chose Partnerize because of their affinity with technology (being a technology company themselves) and the ability to access the data they need and expose it to leverage better decision making, faster payments and deeper more analytical reporting compared to the traditional data formats. The Partnerize SaaS solution was nothing short of revolutionary for their internal business processes, client solutions and revenue, which they explore in detail throughout this entry. Visualsoft benefited from 8.5 days per month (102 days annually) in productivity gains, enabling 4x growth in client base and a 64% growth in retainer costs, not to mention recording growth in approved AOV and commissions by 330% and 360% respectively. The shift from a relatively static technology stack to a fluid API-first approach with deep data automation allowed a rapid increase in both quality–and crucially–their own business operating leverage.