Driving Database Acquisition with Purina Pet Avatars

HH Global

Client: Purina

With 3.2 million households in the UK acquiring a pet since the outbreak of the pandemic, Covid-19 presented a significant opportunity for Nestlé petfood brand Purina to build its customer base and help educate pet owners.

Purina worked with HH Global to devise a lead generation campaign, to develop an engaging way of driving sign-up to the CRM programme and capturing pet data by offering something fun in return. This would enable Purina to drive greater personalisation through first-party data capture, allowing the brand to build meaningful relationships with consumers through tailored advice and offers. With more pet owners becoming active online in response to the pandemic, we created an interactive digital experience to drive engagement by giving consumers the opportunity to create digital Avatars of their pets. Importantly, Purina can use the data collected in future marketing activity to support highly personalised communications with tailored pet content – which is central to their CRM strategy. Pet owners were targeted through social media ads, which was then expanded to target consumers who visited the Purina website. Since 14th June 2021, the campaign has resulted in 15,874 new consumers being added to the CRM database, and 25,641 Avatars being created, with the social ads achieving a click through rate improvement of 458% compared to the Nestlé benchmark. This has been Purina’s most successful first-party data acquisition campaign to date – beating Nestlé’s cost per lead benchmark by nearly 80%, and Purina’s by over 70% – with the initiative now being rolled out globally.