Dockers & OMD: The Perfect-Fit Partnership Strategy on the Partnerize Platform


Client: Dockers with OMD

Over the course of that past few years, the wrath of the pandemic hardly spared any industry or brand. For Dockers, their EU affiliate programmes were paused on the 21st April 2020 in reaction to the unpredictability in retail amid a raging pandemic and concerns of how this all would affect paid media.

The affiliate channel was a sensitive area for Dockers where costs were a bit harder to control. Ultimately, they paused all campaigns across the UK, FR, DE, NL and ES. At the same time, internal team changes were happening between Levi’s and Dockers that meant Dockers was separating from Levi’s, also creating new contacts and client leads for their agency, OMD. However, not to be deterred, Dockers and OMD were determined to make the affiliate channel work for Dockers and once a comeback plan was put into effect, affiliate commissions have near doubled on the Partnerize platform and Dockers’ regionally staggered relaunch allowed for strategic focus and execution to occur creating a whopping 304% increase in revenue during relaunch this year compared to yearly revenue generated before the pause.