Bluechew's niche-defining influencer campaign: demystifying ED


Client: Bluechew

One of our clients offered ED (Erectile Dysfunction) medical services and wished to demystify the topic and stigmas surrounding it. We built a social media marketing campaign revolving around influencers creating branded content for their platforms.

Organic influencer content was then reused to create advertising campaigns. The goals were to widen audience reach, guide ED into the mainstream, break taboos, and position our client’s brand within the US market. Our campaign strategy was built on a Q&A/FAQ model where influencers answered their followers’ questions with honest, personal answers. This organic content would then be reused in video campaigns. We also created interactive advertisements through the use of CTAs, promo codes, and other creative elements that encouraged engagement. Due to the sole use of social media channels, type-in traffic played an important role and challenged the way we measured efficiency. Launching an effective campaign while following our usual performance marketing metrics was a challenge. Tools such as promo codes made all the difference. To ensure we went beyond our client’s needs, we implemented rigorous A/B testing to create the highest-performing version of our content. Human touch was at the core of this campaign from beginning to end.