A stitch in time: how Cadastra supercharged ecommerce for Joy


Client: Joy


Joy is a British fashion brand specialized in vintage lifestyle inspiration with a focus on womenswear and had four stores located across the UK. At the beginning of the global health crisis, Joy´s e-commerce platform was not organized enough to be the only channel to connect brands with consumers. Challenge In january 2020 Joy switched the platform and released a new VTEX version of the website. Cadastra´s challenge was to develop a paid media strategy for their refreshed proposition. Solution Cadastra’s team worked to build a strategy to cover all steps of the consumer journey engaging different audiences, with the right message, adding a wider number of keywords to search campaigns and working with a number of additional media channels and formats. Results The results were emphatic, at the first six months of partnership, Joy saw pais media revenue skyrocket by 60%: • 111% increase in new users visiting the brand from paid media; • 40% of all website revenue generated stemming from paid media links. After restructuring the account, Cadastra started running Awareness ads as well - something that Joy wasn't doing previously - and with that, there were: • 148% more new users visiting the site through the channel, making it responsible for 17% of all users on Joy's website. Next Steps Beyond paid media, Cadastra is now partnering with JOY to improve CRM operations, reinstating email marketing as one of their most important and valuable channels and running A/B tests throughout the website to improve conversion rate.